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Topical Finasteride and other Treatments

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I'm 10 months on oral fin and the results have definitely yielded; no hair loss and thicker hair, but I'm starting to worry that maybe my sexual abilities are experiencing effects.

I've never really had a partner, in the pre-Covid world I'd hook up with an escort once every few months, but I used to masturbate frequently and I had high sexual aggression and at times frequent strong elections.

Now however I'm not getting those disruptive sexual fantasies as much, and although it seems like I can still get an erection, I don't seem to get that insane throbbing erection any more.

To be honest I don't mind having a slightly lower sex drive because a high sex drive is/was disruptive for me anyway, but I'd like to be able to have that super high quality erection whenever I do avail of relief. Maybe its a combo of a few things driving me erection quality down; Covid-lockdown depression, overdosed on porn, haven't seen any women in miniskirts since last year, and of course finasteride!

So, I'm wondering 2 things:

1) Can you pop Viagra when your on finasteride and does it make you super solid?

2) Are there other treatments that are super effective for hair loss with less sides? What about topical finasteride?

Answers would be appreciated guys. Thanks so much.

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