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Finasteride & Shedding


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Just curious for those of you with knowledge of the drug and/or for those of you who take it - is going through a shed on Finasteride really a good sign?

It seems like a lot of the success stories I've read are guys who's hair just simply thickened up after 4-6 months or so who never experienced a shed, or at least not a significant one.


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I'd be interested to hear anyone's experience on this too.

I started Fin 6 days ago - no side effects at all so far but one thing that I have noticed is my head (crown probably more so), is a bit itchy. I took some photos and my midscalp and crown look a bit thinner than usual to me (I keep my hair buzzed down really short - no more than a 3 on top typically). I wondered if I'd undergone some early shedding. I get mixed results when searching Google. Some reports say you can expect shedding sometimes in the first couple of weeks, other say after 2 or 3 months.

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