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Best Clinics in Australia

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Hello. I have been browsing this forum but when it comes to Australia seems the clinics are very hit and miss based off the testimony of many on here.

But is there a clinic that has proven great results anywhere in Australia? Hard to get out of here with the pandemic and all.

Any answers or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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@KixinitI can honestly say that compared to the rest of the world that Australia is a very dodgy place to have a hair transplant. Also the money that you will pay here you is the same as seeing the best surgeons overseas.  Waiting a year or two to travel is a small price to pay for surgery that will be with you for the rest of your life. I’ve had consultations here over the past 35 years and it has become a joke. 

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11 minutes ago, Kixinit said:

@Gatsby @JohnAC71 Alright thanks guys, might have to wait a little.


Is Turkey the place to go for the best?

I would not say any particular country can be considered the best. People seem to choose Turkey based on cost. As i have said before they do have decent options, like HLC, Pekiner and Dr Bicer for example. Every country has its fair share of decent clinics and then the not so good/mills. Unfortunately through as Gatsby mentioned Australia just doesn’t have any really stand out clinics. Hopefully that will change one day. 

Check out the forums recommended list:



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