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Feriduni vs HLC Ankara

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Hi, great resource here and was curious of the forum's opinions on the merits of Bijan Feriduni in Belgium vs HLC in Ankara, which, after a lot of research, are the two clinics I have narrowed it down to.

Feriduni is maybe 30% more expensive (although easier to reach for me in the UK). Feriduni seems to get great results, although he is very conservative with the hairline, and I haven't seen many results where he lowered the hairline (which is something I want done, by maybe 2cm. HLC also get great results, although possibly not as natural looking as Feriduni, although that could be because they are more comfortable lowering hairlines, whereas Feriduni packs in more grafts in a smaller space...

Both clinics suggested somewhere between 2400-3000 grafts - HLC would do the procedure over two days, Feriduni in one day. 

I am looking for a densely packed hairline, and, as I have a large forehead, lower the hairline by 1-2cm. 

Any thoughts? I am confident in both places, and at some point will have to decide, but curious to hear any opinions. 

Pic of hairline/donor area attached....




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Feriduni is not conservative in his hairlines. Actually, there is a discussion in a domestic forum if he is to aggressive. Both is wrong IMO: He is IMO one of the best tailoring the hairlines to the individual case (personal status and bone structure). 

Nevertheless, HLC is a great clinic and has a big amount of great results. Both are an excellent choice. 

My recommendation:

- Do not decide by budget. After a great result the few extra bucks will be forgotten soon. 

- But also do not decide by travel distance 

-> If you narrowed it down to a small group of top clinics decide by personal preferences (like hairline design, this is not the point which you mentioned before, but the irregularities etc. in micro and macro design)

-> If you still unsure, have a personal consultation and decide which clinic you like more. Sometimes you click with a surgeon, sometimes you don't. You can also have the recipient marked and take the pics home. Then you know if your goals will be fulfilled. No surprises on surgery day. 

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Hi Gasthoerer, thanks for commenting and some great points. 

Regards the hairlines, I guess it must be just the selection I have seen online, which all seemed to 'fill in' gaps in the existing hairline without ever lowering the hairline overall, but I had assumed he was open to doing that, without ever going "full Turkey" and ending up with a 18 year old rapper's hairline. 

Good points; at this stage it's purely about who would give the best result - and happy to spend more with Feriduni, if I get a better result than with HLC, although nothing is certain in this field, of course. 


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I the German forum (Haartransplantation Forum : Feriduni (alopezie.de)) there are quite some aggressive cases, but you need to register to view it due to German law for aesthetic surgery. But one thing is true: In turkey in average a different style of hairline is prefered. More straight and sharper corners. This makes it so important to have a consultation prior the actual surgery. It is much easier to go into surgery with a hairline planned weeks before. 

One point you mention is the most important: No clinic can guarantee you a great result. So it is important to plan wisely. 


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