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Thinking about starting to look into getting a hair transplant

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I am 30 years old and have been slowly receding since I was about 16...I hate trying to cover up the receding hairline and am quite self conscious about it! Would love to get a transplant done! The only thing stopping me or making me apprehensive about going for it is the thoughts of people knowing I got a hair transplant or having to tell people! How do people tell their friends, family, work etc.

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If you don't want friends, family, work to know at all you got to start addressing the hair loss as soon as it starts -getting on finasteride, getting smaller transplants, utilizing concealers like toppik and dermmatch help too. That's what I did and no one was the wiser.

If you're far enough down the road that's no longer an option, you have to grow up faster and rise above your situation. See it for how small and normal it is. You're just moving hair around your head to optimize your appearance to help stay vital in your romantic and social circles.

Or I can tell them for you for a small fee. :D


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