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Hello Noman,

If you are facing with hair thinning you might try PRP and dermaroller( Mesothrapy). This can give a boost to your thinning hair. 

You can also try medicines such as Finasteride or Minoxidil to stop further hair loss and support hair growth.

Can you please share some of your photos of your hair?


-How old are you?

-Do you have hair loss in your family?

-Since when you are losing your hairs?

-Do you smoke?


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9 hours ago, babetsmariya12 said:

 Luckily, thanks to the masterclass help that I got from Bloomy Biotin, Collagen and Keratin help, I have regrown almost all of my lost hair. 

Many people , like the above poster, have found additional methods to regrow their lost hair.  Some Examples.


Eating a strict diet of Grasshoppers and Cicadas (the 17 year variety are best).

Wishing on a Star.  But only the ones within 65,874 Light Years.  The remaining ones are too far away.   

Sacrificing a small Animal or Bird to Ringo.  Pre-Beatle Ringo, naturally.

Watching every Kevin Costner film and adapting his hair method acting.  

Mustard, Mayonnaise, and Ketchup on your Weiner.  No explanation needed.


GOOD LUCK.  Oh, having Good Luck works too.



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I'm serious.  Just look at my face.


My Hair Regimen: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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