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Can you make a frontal piece out of your own hair ?


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Hey guys,
I am after making a frontal piece to make up for my NW3 recession

I am wondering if anyone thought of making the piece out of their own hair? I am thinking since it will only be a partial piece so not much hair will be needed to form the piece?
That way you are guaranteed the hair texture and color will match yours since its already your own hair.

If the option is possible, what is the minimum hair length required to grow and cut to make the piece? and is this something that Eric is willing to experiment with?

Thanks for your input.

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4 minutes ago, SadMan2021 said:

so you want to take healthy existing hair and move it to the front balding section? its almost as if you're looking for a transplant of sorts...

The idea is to grow your back hair long enough then cutting it to use it in the making of a frontal piece

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If you can grow it long enough and have sufficient hair then I don't see why you cant be your own donor.

The length you need will depend on what the final style will be, but as a working minimum I would think 3 inches. which would be knotted to create two strands of 1.5 inch hair 

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