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22 Year Old Losing hair

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I am 22 years old and I have been losing my hair for probably 3 years now. I was wondering if anyone knows what doctors are best in the Boston area for hair transplants? Also, I was wondering how long Propecia typically takes to slow down hair loss (the website lists between 3-12 months). Also, i was told by my dermatologist that some doctors wont do a hair transplant on me if I am losing my hair still, is this true?


Sorry about all the questions but do I have to shave my head if I get a hair transplant, as I see a lot of the pictures from HT have people with shaved heads?

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I too started losing my hair (by way of thinning) when I was 19; and I got an HT when I was 22 (I'm now 23).


No doctors spring to mind in Boston, but you aren't terribly far from some very good ones. Before you start isolating individual docs with an intent to go to them, I'd recommend some general research into HTs, and to then do a series of consults (online ones can be quite good) and listen to the prognoses, and get a grasp for what effect they will have on you (both your immediate, medium, and long-term future).


Propecia varies w/ regard to a timetable, but their website seems like a solid range, though I would say you should err on the side of 6-12 months, realistically, before you should *expect* some impact. It's a hugely beneficial treatment, though, especially if you are young and looking at a HT.


Some doctors *would* probably turn you down; I can't say whether I agree with that or not. Some *wouldn't* turn you down. The key is to research HTs, and ultimately pinpoint a doctor that will work with you, and most importantly, that you believe will give you the best result.


Re: shaving....many doctors feel strongly that shaving the recipient area gives the patient-doctor the best shot to give the best possible result, particularly with regard to angulation of hairs and densepacking the larger the session is.


Many times, once the staples/sutures are removed from your donor, people will give their head a uniform buzzcut and often apply a concealer like Couvre to the scar in order to hide it


I would take a look at Eman's ~4month update in the patient gallery section; also, while my weblog isn't fully updated, I have a bunch of pics showing me right after I buzzed my head. Granted, I did a piss poor job, but nonetheless! icon_smile.gif


EDIT -- here's the link http://hair-restoration-info.c...66060861/m/798106011 The pics I have buzzed are at like 2 weeks, so obv a much difference time, but I am sure Eman could have gotten a similar look earlier, and I personally made *huge* gains by the end of my 3rd week!


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1 top-down, 1 portrait, 1 side-shot, 1 hairline....4 photos. No flash.

Follicles have asked for centuries, in ten languages, as many times so as to confuse a mathematician.

Enough is enough! Give me documentation or give me death!

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Hello fellow youngster.


Thana said most of what i was going to say - do you have any pictures? Perhaps you are a candidate, perhaps not.


I myself am 22 and have had 2 procedures of 4300 grafts.


11/04-07 - 800-1600 ish grafts - danish clinic - poor results


12/02-08 - 2764 grafts - Dr. Devroye - good result but needs hairline density


03/12-10 - 1429 grafts - Dr. Mohmand - result pending


Feel free to visit my picture thread


My Hair Transplant Photos - Surgery with Dr. Devroye


Young lads below 25 unite!

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I had my first procedure when I was 37. I thought that I was still to young. Take your time and research every possible option. Because just when you think your out, they pull you back in. Hairloss once it starts, it never stops, it can slow down, but beleive me it won,t stop..... Take care of yourself youngman, and good luck.

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