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What Is The Deal With Hairsite Forum?

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For those who know, this is a serious question.


I'd like to know what the real deal is with hairsite. Like, for instance, who runs it and what his real income sources are.


I've read forums for some years now and I post from time to time. If anyone was to research my posts you'd find that I am a big proponent of patients taking responsibility for the results of their HTs, etc. I have defended docs that I thought were unfairly bashed. I am not an alarmist or prone to melodrama or hyperbole.


But I have become frustrated with what seems to be a blatant disregard for real patient feedback on Hairsite. I am coming to the opinion that that site is only run for profit, with the forum only a shell to bring more business to the site.


I have no problem with online monetization. I have made millions in online marketing myself.


But to have a forum and not allow open discussion or any negative feedback regarding doctors or situations is unfathomable.


I know many on here know more about that site than I do. I am NOT starting this thread as an open invitation to bash Hairsite. But I would like some honest objective feedback about the operation that is being run there.



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I appreciate your concerns, but nothing good or constructive can come out of this thread. Thus to avoid any unnecessary bashing or insults that can only promote hostility, I'm going to lock this thread.


One possible constructive path may be to email the HairSite Admin with your questions and concerns and discuss them with him.


Thanks for understanding,



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