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One give away sign of a hair transplant is an unnatural hair line. Things to consider to avoid it!

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Nobody wants an unnatural hair line and this is the biggest give away for those who have had a hair transplant and that something is, shall we say, not quite right, in this aspect. People should talk to your eyes and not your hair line, and I have spoken to many patients who said that sadly is the case for them from previous surgery.


This video exploits some of the golden rules used in order to give a natural result. Not only the employment of grafts used but the design implemented. Most patients today expect an undetectable hairline that has enough density after one session and blends well with their native hair and of course with their facial features.


Watch this to see some of the aspects you need to consider before pulling the trigger! One thing worse than hair loss is a poor transplant that screams I am not natural!


I hope you enjoy this informative presentation by Dr.Bisanga.






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I represent Dr. Bisanga.


Dr. Christian Bisanga is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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