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BIO-FUE Hair Transplant result by Dr Kapil Dua – 2020 Grafts | 1 Year Post op

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A 22 year old male suffering from NH grade 3V baldness for 3-4 years was looking for covering the bald scalp in one session only. He underwent BIO-FUE hair transplant and 2020 grafts were transplanted. The surgery was uneventful and the patient is happy & satisfied with the results after 1 Year.

Preop .jpg

Preop 1 .jpg

Preop 2 .jpg

Preop 3 .jpg

Preop 4 .jpg

Immop .jpg

Immop 1 .jpg

Immop 2 .jpg

Immop 3 .jpg

Immop 4 .jpg

Result .jpg

Result 1 .jpg

Result 2 .jpg

Result 3 .jpg

Result 4 .jpg

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Results look okay from what I can see but I hope your surgical skills are better than your photography skills because those after pics are a bit blurry to be using to promote results imo. Any pics in focus so we can fairly assess the results?

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