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Tricopigmentation in different lighting conditions?

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I've been considering tricopigmentation at BeautyMedical in Italy as they seem to produce really good results, but I have some doubts about the procedure that hopefully someone can address.

Background: I have very fair skin with (what used to be) dark, dense hair, and my crown is completely bald, with the front headed that way as well. I shave daily, but my "shadow" formed by the remaining hair remains very pronounced even after a close shave. I wonder how much sense the procedure would make for someone like me without looking fake. Many permanent SMPs seem very fake/shiny to me and I'd like to avoid that.
  1. Tricopigmentation results in studio photos look really good. But how well does the pigment blend in with the remaining natural follicles in different lighting conditions - is the look uniform at all times? In darker lighting conditions, the contrast between bald and non-bald skin areas is much more pronounced than in bright (e.g. daylight) conditions.
  2. I fear that tricopigmentation - having a constant color - would only blend in naturally for maybe several hours after a shave. I shave in the morning, but by the evening, my remaining hair is already noticeably darker than it was immediately after a shave: it gets "grainier" and starts to reflect light differently. Are there any photos/videos demonstrating how the trico looks e.g. 12 or 24 hours after a shave?
  3. What does SMP/trico on a totally bald area feel like when you touch it? Can you tell the difference between pigmented bald areas and naturally shaved follicles by touch alone?
I was able to find these videos which mostly look good, but they don't really answer these questions.

I'd be grateful for any feedback.
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Real talk: friend of mine did this and the studio pictures are WAY different. These studios share pics that are in the perfect lighting conditions - they even bring set lights into the rooms to make the picture as perfect as they can with the best contrast and the nice stubbly look. The effect in real life is wayyyyy more subtle. You will still be known as the bald guy, but people will once in a while say "but you do have hair if you wanted to grow it, I can kinda see?".To my friend, that was still worth it, but the photos that they share do not reflect reality. 

He let me touch his head, it feels bald. The closer you shave it, there will be no difference in feel, but you of course would feel a difference once the stubble starts. Most people don't care though. He's had a new girlfriend and he told me she hasn't even noticed (he still has some stubble on top so I guess it's hard to tell). But it makes him feel good. It does frame the face. If you think it will make you feel good given all this, go for it! He seems happy overall but the pics are very misleading.

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