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Cowlick on crown?


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Hey everybody.


For a while now, I've thought that I have had the beginnings of miniaturization of my crown. However, while talking to my hairdresser, he said that that the perceived thinness is only the result of a cowlick and the part. He also said he sees a lot of people with a similar problem, both male and female.


I also have a cowlick on my frontal hairline, which I usually straighten to keep under control.


I have attached an image with a light shining on my crown. Your thoughts?


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Welcome to our discussion forum.


It's honestly hard to tell by the picture. Most people can't tell they're losing their hair until they've lost about 50% of their hair in a targeted area.


If you want to know for sure, see a dermatologist who can look for signs of hair miniaturization under magnification and perform other tests.


It doesn't hurt to know early and even get regular checkups. Even if you aren't losing hair now, getting a bi-yearly check-up may not be a bad idea so if it turns out you are losing your hair, you can consider starting proven treatments early.


Best wishes,



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To me that looks perfectly intact, but you know your hair better than I, get on finasteride and call it even with your genes.

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