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1800 grafts Dr. Dorin 3 days post op


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This was my second HT, first one was with Gary Hitzig, which was a mistake. I really wish I knew about this forum before I went to him. More upsetting than the money lost is all the grafts he wasted. Just curious, has anyone here gone to Hitzig first and then to one of the coalition doctors? How were your results?


Unlike Hitzig, Dr. Dorin was present for almost the duration of the procedure. The only aspect he wasn't involved in was the numbing of the donor area and recipient sites, which I expected to be the most painful part of the procedure, but it turned out to be pretty painless, equivalent to getting numbed up at the dentist.


He cut the strip off the donor area himself, making a conscious effort to minimize as much scarring as possible. My case was a little complicated because Hitzig didn't do such a great job leaving the scar. In doing so, we only got 1800 grafts instead of the 2000 we were shooting for. He could've gone for the full 2000 but he didn't want to needlessly leave more scarring. That showed a lot of integrity on his part, he also refunded the money for the 200 grafts he didn't get.


He also made the incisions in the recipient site himself and supervised his technicians when they were putting the grafts in.


The whole procedure took 6 hours but it didn't feel like it. I felt tightness in the donor area the first two days but now it isn't so bad and I haven't had to take any of the prescribed painkillers today. I'm really glad I went to someone that not only is extremely skilled but also puts his patients first.


Now I guess is the hardest part - waiting.


553109931_8C2FAA1EECE45EE4DCC1CB82E0B801EF.JPG.thumb 533109931_5C3DF48BE9ECE2EFF5191AEE7E58A4CC.JPG.thumb 343109931_77753D09FB77228CE8C859756ED90525.JPG.thumb 233109931_6392521D05C7A03C88283F3BA1BA0695.JPG.thumb 153109931_9AC99B2170E8AD6360C359512CC4D625.JPG.thumb 123109931_DFDF961A885BAB5EC2FD635963ADBAE8.JPG.thumb 113109931_B626FC588E9FC0441BBB91C602AF331A.JPG.thumb



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Thanks for sharing your hair transplant procedure with Dr. Dorin. I'd like to hear more about what you and he came up with for a long term hair restoration game plan.


1800 grafts over a large balding area isn't a lot, and though it will give you some cosmetic improvement, density will be lacking.


Did you both choose a smaller session to do donor characteristic limitations, financial reasons, etc?


Coalition member Dr. Dorin has been impressing this community for years. You're certainly under the best of care and I'm sure he'll work with you to help you meet your long term realistic goals.


Best wishes,



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Hi Bill, the main reason for choosing 1800 grafts was due to a limited donor supply.


When I saw first met Dr. Dorin at the consultation, he gave it to me straight and told me I didn't have enough of a donor supply to cover the entire bald areas, particularly the crown.


So for this HT, he wanted to cover as much of the frontal hairline to bridge area as possible. We did discuss the possibility of doing another HT depending on how I felt about the hair growth in about a year.


He also recommended I start propecia or rogaine so I can keep and if possible, regrow or thicken the hair I have now.

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