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Scalp Micropigmentation vs HT

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Looking at your crown, and I am sure it bothers you....it seems there is a lot of miniaturized hair that still has not left the building.  You are also demarcating down considerably.  My first suggestion would be to try medical therapy, (Propecia, Rogaine, Laser). Do as many of these modalities as you can and give them a year.  I would also have the doctor do a PRP treatment at the time of the procedure. This will help bring results in sooner and help reverse the miniaturization.  

Because of how you seem to be losing in the donor, I would be more inclined to have the doctor look at the area above the ears and not so much in the center area.  Depending on the doctor's plan, you can then decide where to put the grafts.  If it was me, I would reinforce the current hairline, bring down the forelock area so you end up with a bell-shape curve - but keeping the temporal areas as they are.  This would leave you with an age appropriate hairline.  I would also have the doctor blend the grafts to the area behind the forelock where you also seem to be thinning considerably.

Once you heal from the procedure, you may consider SMP for the crown.  This would help minimize the contrast between the dark hair and the light scalp. A year later, depending on how effective medical therapy is, you can then consider a 2nd procedure.  (What area you attack next will depend on the results of procedure 1.  You may have to do the frontal area again.....It would be interesting to learn how much density the doctor can accomplish in a single procedure.  Have the doctor show you photos of previous work so you can estimate).

Once you are happy with the front, and confirming the effectiveness of the meds, you can then start crown work.

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