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Would Lasering your scar give you a better FUE yield after?

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You're assuming laser hair loss treatment works by increasing blood flow/circulation to the scalp. I'm not so sure this is the case.


One may argue however, that using laser hair treatment after hair transplant surgery may help increase the survival rate of the follicular units, especially those transplanted into scar tissue. I'm not aware of any studies that have been performed to confirm or dismiss this, but if you buy into laser therapy biostimulation of hair follicles, in theory, it might just help.


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It is still an ongoing debate as to the ability of the laser to penetrate normal tissue and have any real effects on the follicles. I do not know of any studies that show how well the laser can penetrate thru scar tissue, but would not be suprised if it did not have much of an effect on follicles transplanted into scars. It probably has a better chance of reducing the formation of scar tissue in the immediate post-op period.

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