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Hair Piece or Herpes?

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Cheech & Chang


"Imagination frames events unknown in wild fantastic shapes of hideous ruin, and what it fears, creates." Hannah More

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We've become such a litigious society...If this happened in real life today, someone would be getting sued. 

Joking aside, there are some interesting points about this...First the fact that the character supposedly used a hair piece before the transplant.  If so, he would not have enough donor to achieve the density of the system.  Second, a strong class 6 does not lose hair in the way the transplants were done, (middle of the forehead and from side to side).

This is just another example of the negative wrap transplants get because of the way they were done originally.  Honestly, we don't need any more jokes.  What we do need is honesty.  Ethical doctors doing all they can to improve their craft.  

Lastly, let me briefly say something about accents.  This Country is a melting pot.  People from all over the world. The freedom we enjoy is truly awesome and many value it.   Instead of making fun, why not try to learn their language? 

We have a lot to learn as a nation.

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