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Question about Hair weaving

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I am certainly not an expert on hair weaving. However, I have seen people who tried this process with their already existing thinning/weak hair and the problems got worse. I have also seen some hair weaving that looked very good and natural. Like any other treatment or procedure you should do your research before making any quick decisions.

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I tried a weave for about a year. It is basically a sowing technique and sown into your existing hair i.e at the side or horseshoe. From memory Tony Blackburn the DJ had one. Problem is you are literally "tied" to the piece. Mine came loose in Portugal and nothing I could do about it. Also the cost is high because you are wearing it 24/7 it doesn't last too long so you are still going bald ! Cost of 2 pieces/relacing balding piece/and cost of weaving every 4 weeks/plus Portugal experience meant I gave up after 1 year but it WAS the best looking hairpiece I ever wore, just financially draining.

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