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Hello everyone and congratulations for this forum.

I am Italian 35 years old and I decided to go for an hair transplant and after hours on the net, I think Turkey is a good compromise of quality and affordability.

The problem is there are so many clinic and I really don’t know how to choose, the range of price vary between 1.300 euro and 2.500 euro 

Some of the clinic have doctor that perform the surgery some have a nurse, some use the microscope some don’t.

Guess what? I would like to get the best natural result with high density. 

Which are the write questions to ask to a clinic?







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Hey Mate, below are the things that I asked:

1) Estimated no of Grafts required for the Front and crown
2) What level of density is practically possible and what is the doctor's views on donor area density
3) Size of punches used? 
4) What facilities / doctors of available in case of an emergency 
5) What hairline is suitable for me
6) What medications are recommend for post surgery 
7) How are the extracted hairs maintained before being inserted

8) What parts of the HT is done by the doctor (Hairline design, local anaesthesia, extraction, slit making, implantation of singles on hair line, rest of implantation?) 

9) How does the doctor see the baldness progressing and how does plan the current HT based on any potential future requirements? 

10) Get Previous patient references and interact with directly before you decide

Hope this helps. 

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