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  1. Hey Bud, I visited the Gurgaon branch, as that's where my HT is booked for.
  2. Hi All, I've booked up for my HT with Eugenix in late July and had the opportunity to visit them today and also had a PRP done with Dr. Arika. The overall experience has been good so far and all the staff are supportive and friendly. I was provided access to their in house accommodation which was to a very good standard. Nelson has been in regular contact and even arranged dinner at 2AM (That's when I reached). Below are the questions I had asked Dr. Arika and her answers. 1. What's my donor capacity - Had a visual check and was given an estimate of around 6000 in scalp, 2000 from beard 2. What's the estimated future loss potential and requirement - Likely to loose further in mid scalp and crown 3. What density can I expect in recipient area - Didn't give specific numbers but she felt since my donor quality is decent, I can get good density. I've been advised 2500 grafts for the front and 500 for crown. (This is lower than the number suggested during video consultation, which showed me that they care about the requirement of the patient rather than trying to get the most out of a patient) 4. No shave HT? - It is very much possible and can be done on request. Advised to grow the hair above the donor area to be around 6cm long to cover up after extraction. (I'm not going for this option) 5. What hairline will suit me? - Changes from person to person. Someone with a round face will likely benefit from a U shaped hair airline, whereas someone with a longer, leaner face they're likely to suit a V shaped hairline. Along the front hairline, they always have some macro and micro irregularities so that the hair line looks natural 6. Which direction the hair will grow. Can this be chosen or how do they decide. - The sliths in the frontal area will be done in the natural way that everyone is born with so that it's then easier to style it the way you want. For people with low donor capacity and large area to cover, they ask for their preferred way of combing (e.g: partition on the left/right) so that they can plant in a suitable way 7. On the scale of 10, how painful is anaesthetic when injected. - I got this for my PRP. My personal experience 3/10 - pain 8. Fin post HT for how long? - Preferably always, but, if you have side effects then after 3/6 months of HT, they can recommend a lower dosage 9. How much for post op medicines inc Fin for lets say 3-6 months. - Did not ask the cost 10. PRP required after surgery or is it case by case basis - As per latest studies and in line with most international doctors, PRP is recommended after 7 months of HT. And thereafter the frequency depends on the benefits you see from it, as not everyone will benefit from PRP Overall, Good first impressions, the doctor took time to answer my questions which makes me feel I've made the right choice. I'll keep you posted with my pics post transplant in July. Hope the above is of help.
  3. Hey Mate, below are the things that I asked: 1) Estimated no of Grafts required for the Front and crown 2) What level of density is practically possible and what is the doctor's views on donor area density 3) Size of punches used? 4) What facilities / doctors of available in case of an emergency  5) What hairline is suitable for me 6) What medications are recommend for post surgery 7) How are the extracted hairs maintained before being inserted 8) What parts of the HT is done by the doctor (Hairline design, local anaesthesia, extraction, slit making, implantation of singles on hair line, rest of implantation?) 9) How does the doctor see the baldness progressing and how does plan the current HT based on any potential future requirements? 10) Get Previous patient references and interact with directly before you decide Hope this helps.
  4. Hi Kevin, I get where you're coming from (I think :)) and understand as I had similar questions before I signed up with Eugenix for my HT. Specific to Eugenix, I'll share my understanding and I've also seen @Looking for HT, @ahmedabad_guytalk about this. Eugenix do HT's in Gurgaon and Mumbai. They have four main doctors in their Gurgaon. And, the packages they offer vary based on how much is the involvement from Dr. Sethi / Dr. Bansal. And, it will always be a doctor carrying out all parts of the transplant except the graft placement (done by technicians under Doctor's supervision). I belive this is the same with most doctors. In my case, I've gone for Option 1 (Top package) ,as I have assumed that the results shown here are primarily from Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, as I've read a post by @Melvin-Moderator that the recommendations here are for the doctors and not for the clinics. My experience with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal has been good so far and I'll keep the community updated. Hope this gives some clarity on what you're looking for. Thanks
  5. Thanks Ashish. I'll keep the community updated with the progress.
  6. Hey @LeftHook- I've booked up with Eugenix for late July as well. I've gone for Option 1, just to have the peace of mind in knowing that Dr. Sethi / Dr. Bansal will be involved in all aspects of the transplant.
  7. @Abhinay Singh - Perhaps you could clarify the above?
  8. Hey Ashish, I'm considering Eugenix as you are aware. Just read this post where you've mentioned PRP. is this pre or post or during the transplant? Thanks
  9. Hey, what was the response times like when you emailed them asking for feedback / consultation? I've been emailing them, and while there was an immediate response on my first email, there has been no response to my follow up email in two weeks, hence the question. Good luck with your transplant.
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