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  1. Hello everyone, I started to look around for an hairtransplant and I have been in touch with different clinics in Instanbul. Unfirtunately I feel I don’t know who I can trust, the reviews could be fake, you tubers could be payed, this is the first time of my life that I find internet kind of limitating for lack of objectivity. Thanx to this forum we elaborated the write questions to ask and I did the same questions to different clinics. 1) Estimated no of Grafts required for the Front and crown? 2) What level of density is practically possible and what is the doctor's views on donor area density? 3) Size of punches used? 4) What facilities / doctors of available in case of an emergency 5) What hairline is suitable for me 6) What medications are recommend for post surgery 7) How are the extracted hairs and how are maintained before being inserted 8) What parts of the HT is done by the doctor (Hairline design, local anaesthesia, extraction, slit making, implantation of singles on hair line, rest of implantation?) 9) Which are the difference between fue and DHI ? Here below their answers clinic by clinic Elithairtransplant 1) only front as you still have too much hair on the top 2) your donor area is quite strong and density is always maximum (70 to 90 grafts / cm²) 3)0.5 mm 4) usually there are no emergencies , you stay always in contact with us especially after operation and you need to send photos regulary for Dr. Balwi to check your growth etc. 5) Dr. Balwi draws the hariline in the clinic as he needs to check your muscle strands in the upper third of your face 6) we give you all medication you will need (antibiotics, anti-swelling pills and pain killer) + aftercare package with hat, shampoo, lotion, neck pillow 7) sapphire fue (micro motor) and maintained in a nutriance liquid before implantation 😎 The good results you see on our websites, youtube, pictures... are the results of our team. We give a 30 years guarantee, because Dr. Balwis team is performing the surgery. He can guarantee a specialst for the anesthesia, who does it everyday, a specialst for opening the channels, who does it everyday and a specialst who implants the grafts. Without his team, we could never give this guarantee to our patients. You can be sure, that the result will be excellent. Of course Dr. Balwi is there and leads the operation. But believe me, that our specialists have a lot of experiences and our clinic is one of the best in Istanbul. Not only the structure, hospital structure, the experience and also the quality. Dr. Balwi will lead the operation and you will talk just to him before the surgery, he draws the hair line ecc. and his team of specialists perform the hair transplant. It is not just that it would be more expensive, if Dr. Balwi would do it by himself, it is because the team works together since over 7 years and everybody knows exactly what to do. 9) we do sapphire fue and DHI Sapphire Fue is a micro motor with micro cuts in the back for extraction, no scars. Dhi is *direct hair implant* with a pen and no micro cuts,also no scars👍 The healing process is a bit faster with dhi than sapphire fue. The result are excellent with both techniques, that's why we offer the 2 best methods. CLINICANA Exactly sir about the number of the grafts as we mentioned you here before sir we have the chance to extract about 3600 - 3700 grafts (also this number of grafts it's not the final number first of all we will go for a live consultation with the medical team we will check your case , we will draw the first hairline to you and then we can decide about the final number of grafts. We will plant the areas number 1,2 and 4 which front and crown regarding your case you'll be happy with the results sir why? Because we have 2 advantages 1. You have thich donor area which is a strong advantage for us 2. You don't have that big balding areas So in this case we can have very successful results with very high density And for the crown area we will advice you to keep massaging the crown area very well because the blood circulation there not very good as the front and upper parts so you have to keep activating the blood circulation in the crown area 4) regarding the emergency case : regarding that we are working in a private hospital and we are already covered by the hospital so in case of any emergency even during the operation we have an infection dr , dermatologist, general dr plus our plastic surgeon and all the drs are available to help the patients And also after the operation in case of any patient needs anything we informed the hotel ( if you are going to stay in our hotel) they can bring the patinet directly to the hospital anytime 5/ we can't decide about the hairline now sir before starting the operation we will go for a live consultation with the medical team we will ask you to raise your eyebrows and over the last bored of the muscles of your forehead we will start drawing the first hairline to you 6. Pain killer , anti inflammatory, antibiotic, stomach protector, aspirin, The operation it self 3 stages Grafts extraction Opening the micro channels Grafts implantation From where we will start we can't decide now because for every patient different treatment plan Depends on the number of the grafts We extract the grafts normally We open the micro channels to receive the grafts And we will implant the grafts later 😎 About who will do the operation: Our surgeon prof.soner tatlidede he will be the *supervisor* of the operation from a to z with his huge and professional medical team each one of them has her own profession for example someone to open the channels, and someone to extract the grafts, and another one to plant the grafts ( *same team doing the same procedure more than 9 years*) https://www.clinicana.com/about/hair-transplant-doctors-turkey/ FUE DHI or FUE PERCUTAN: Once we have limited baldness area, or it's a must not to shave the hair (even that the results will be moderatez), possible to use DHI, by this technique it takes long time to inject the grafts in the pens then to the targeted area, therefore possible to plant about 2500 grafts by it.. Note: Many centers mention that they do 4000 grafts of more by DHI, in fact it's not true, they do both in the same operation without the patient knowledge. FUE Percutan allows us to plant high number of grafts, so 3000 up to 5000 depends on the donor area, on the other hand as we open all channels then to plant the harmony of sorting out the holes in the scalp will be very natural *Methode:* We use 3 differant methods to give you the best possible result 🏆🥇 *1. Collecting the grafts* by method *MicroFUE:* the head of the punch will be choosen by the plastic surgeon while the procedure (0.7, 0.75, 0.8) up to the type of your own grafts. No scars after the procedure. *2. opening the channels* by Method *Sapphire:* we use the lastest technology that has many benefits such as fast healing, more number of channels opening because of the sharp small head that sapphire stone has. *3. Selective implantation Method* gives natural look, We select the grafts that include 1, 2 or 3 hair, we implant single grafts in the front area to give a natural look, the double and triple grafts will be implanted after the hair line. DOTTOR CINIK 1)Dr. Cinik’s team has reviewed the pictures of your head, your treatment plan will be by implanting about 2500-3000 grafts to your balding and receding areas with PRP treatment. The grafts will be distributed to front,sides and and crown area with FUE method. With this treatment plan we will be able to fix your hairline, cover 100 % of your baldness and increase the density level of your hair. Doctor will decide after examinate you 2)your donor is a 9 out of 10 which will give you a perfect density 3)???? 4)4. Dr.Cinik, ER nurse, supervising nurse. We have an ER room in our hospital which is fully equipped also a full service hospital within walking distance 5. what do you mean ? by what hairline ????? 6.here is a list 7.they are maintained on ice grafts 8. depends on the package you purchase please review carefully the packages I sent you 9. DHI is for people with less balding are by implanting around 2000-2500 grafts and for a smaller area more dense. In your case since your crown is getting bald too it is not applicable . FUE is the suitable treatment for you COSMEDICA 1)I check your photos, We can transplant for your treatment about 2000-2500 grafts can cover the front baldness area with natural result 2)your donor areas density is looking amazing and baldness areas is not so big so it ll be enough without damage 3)we use 0.7-0.8 mm punch for extraction 4)we are big hospital so everytime we have dr in the clinic for emergency help 5)we can draw frontline in here first one we need to see your face muscles for that we can nor understand with pictures that. 6)??? 7)we use micro motor for extraction we use petri and steril solution not ACELL and under this petris we put ice boxes 8)Dr Acar perform incision step himself with vip packageis supervisor in the surgery other steps by team gold+gold plus package dr is just supervisor. 9)??? guys what do you think I am impressed by the before after of Elithairtransplant. but eheh modify a picture take a sec... what are your impressions about their attitude? i hope is for everyone use! massimo
  2. Hello, I am swimming in the huge seaside of clinics out there and more I ask more I realize I don’t know. Now is the new topic I found a clinic that does Fue and DHI, DHI cost 500 euros more does anybody know why? I read very interesting thing about the DHI which supposed to garante a better surviving rate of the graft . Also it supposed to give more control regarding the direction and deep ness and density which make the whole procedure easier right ? So why is it more expensive? what is the dark side of the DHI? Thank you massimo
  3. Hello, I am shockEd of the amount of number of clinics there are out there. I have been in contact with so many agent sometimes I feel like I am walking in Ibiza and they try to get me inside a place for a drink 😂 I am also shocked for the amount of unhappy customers and the scam around the corner I am 35 and and I decided to go for an hair transplant I have been online and I have seen that in Turkey you can arrange a good resault with 2.000 Euro . I am experiencing some difficulties to open the forum so I apologize if I am the 1000000 guy comming along with the same question top 5 clinics in turkey ? How many graft ? Thank you Massimo
  4. I follow, I am currently looking in Turkey but there are so many 😕
  5. Hello everyone and congratulations for this forum. I am Italian 35 years old and I decided to go for an hair transplant and after hours on the net, I think Turkey is a good compromise of quality and affordability. The problem is there are so many clinic and I really don’t know how to choose, the range of price vary between 1.300 euro and 2.500 euro Some of the clinic have doctor that perform the surgery some have a nurse, some use the microscope some don’t. Guess what? I would like to get the best natural result with high density. Which are the write questions to ask to a clinic?