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My Generic Finasteride/Shampoos/Toppik effectiveness update.


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So i've not been on here for quite some time, but thought i would give a little update with what ive been doing over the last few months.


As previously discussed, i had a pretty crappy HT when i was 25 (28 now) at the Nobel Clinic near gatwick, sold to by the stringfellows lookalike Alan! It did clump a bit of hair in my temples...where my hairloss began....but it wasnt successful as it was no where near dense enough...and i spend most of my mornings now, styling my hair with hairspray etc to try and hide the crappy job! Anyway - thats that rant over with again!! icon_wink.gif


Since joining this site, i have done lots of reading, and decided to try some of the shampoos etc being talked about and i also decided to take the plunge with some finasteride and see what happens (and whether my genitals fall off)!! So anyway, i tried using the Revita stuff at like ??30 a pop....i found it did nothing really, but did wash the hair niceless. Cant really say much more than that. For the money i dont think its worth it. More recently i have been using that L'oreal Mens thickening shampoo that everyone has been raving about. I quite like this stuff, as its a good wash, leaves the hair clean and i think it does improve coverqage a little (but i mean a "little"). I still style my hair the exact same way, but at ??3 a pop i think its worth using as ur everyday shampoo. Liek most people on these sites, i think ur kidding urselves if u beleive shampoos etc are going to work miralces etc!


I also decided to try some of that Toppik stuff. Now it do agree it works wonders on the crown area (with a little hairsrapy to hold in place) - but i swear there has got to be better ways to apply the stuff! The crown is easy to apply to...just shake it on. But with the temples i beleive it is pretty useless! It just covers ur forehead in brown gunk! Takes ages to try and clear off. I also dont understand the instructions of "apply to dry hair and style ur hair as usual"! You cant style it at all. Put some clay in ur hands and style ur hair, and ur hands just end up covered in brown shit, as does ur face...and its just really a pain in the arse! If anyone knows how to better apply it then please feel free to explain....but i will say for the crown it does well! All those before and after photos of people who are almost totally bald and it shows a full head of hair - well, i just dont beleive it!!!


And so as i mentioned, i did take the plunge with that Finasteirde stuff. Now i went the cheap way and bought 1mg "generic" finasteride from an online website. Costs me like ??100 approx i think...for about a years supply. I didnt want to mess around with cutitng pills up etc so i got the 1mg tablets for ease of use. Due to being terrified about all these "sides" everyone talks about, i decided to do the one tablet every other day routine. Now its been about 4/5 months and i cant see any change or improvement to be honest. I do not have severe hairloss, and have always had pretty fine hair, but cant see much change. As for sides, i guess i ahve been rather lucky...i dont really have any, except one i guess. I have had no problems with maintaining/getting an erection or anything like that, but i hbave found (like many) that my semen is much thinner/runnier whatever u want to call it. I dont have any less quantity, i would actually say i have lots more of it now, due to its lack of thickness. Also due to this, i do find that now it shoots out about million times faster/futher thatn it did before. WHich i dont actually like, but i guess its not that bad. It just occassionally suprises my girlfriend, if u catch my drift!!! icon_wink.gif


Anyway - not idea if ill stay on the finasteride or not...just keep taking the pills at the mo...and hope maybe ill see some good changes! I wont hold my breath!


Just thought i'd update people with my progress, hope it helps! Still considering another HT to sort out the mess from Nobel but still a bit scared! More research me thinks!



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lemon lol,too much information!

best to give fin a year and then judge the results.tbh most guys use it to maintain the hair they have,only a lucky few get new growth.

having said that though i experienced growth but then it was only thin hair in the crown area and was easy to see as i was slick bald before.

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I recently and accidentally bought that L'Oreal volumizer for men and I must say it works great!


I scrub my hair with it, let it sit for 2-5 mins, and let it dry naturally and the results are AMAZING.


Glad to hear others have been raving about it, esp since its so cheap!

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