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Dermatologists and HT experts around Pensacola, Florida.


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I've been researching some places to go and discuss my hair loss in the Pensacola or Milton area of Florida. There are a number of dermatologists here, but nobody really seems to specialize in hair loss. Is it alright to make an appoint for a regular dermatologist? I called one place, and the secretary seemed a little hesitant after I described my situation, as if they could do it but didn't often.

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Guest wanthairs



I seriously regret only looking at options in Florida for my hair transplants---


be prepared to travel...I went as far as Vancouver to get it fully sorted out....

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To start off you may want to consider a few on- line consultations. This will get you started and give you some valuable information to build upon. There happens to be few very good hair restoration physicians in Florida, but I agree that you should not limit yourself by location. Good work leading to great result is worth traveling for.

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