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  1. I appreciate the feedback. So what I've gathered is there may've been some loss since January. And thanks for the nod at the mole, which is actually a blood blister, if I'm not mistaken. I have an appointment with a dermatologist here soon. I'm interested in getting the miniaturization mapping done, too. I assume the same doctor can help me out with that, if not refer.
  2. I originally posted in January and want to update my pictures to see what people think. Also, what doctors should I post to? Or what forum.
  3. My crown looks good, thus far. Alright, it looks like the verdict is getting on a regimen. I'm aware that Propecia does little for thinning in the front. That, combined with the fact that it tends to lose effectiveness over time .. would I be better off waiting a while? If I start at 29, I don't wanna say, be thirty-six with this problem again, although, there's the potential I'll just have it younger if I do nothing. A lot to think about, haha.
  4. I'd like to get the miniaturization mapping thing done. How would one go about that?
  5. I appreciate the reply. I'll try to upload a better picture. This netbook's webcamera isn't very good. What I'm really worried about is determining if I need to look into maintaining what I have, like you said. It's thinned out or diffused a little bit, which could be a maturing hairline; not sure on that.
  6. Okay. I hate to be one of these guys who are worrying and don't need to, because I expect that is common, but I need a little peace of mind. Keep in mind, I respect this forum and all who use it. I just turned twenty-nine and am staring down the barrel of thirty. I'd like to know if I should be doing a little something about myself, because I've noticed some thinning across my front hairline. I'm fairly comfortable about it, but I'd like an opinion. Much appreciated, in advance. A link besides the attachments for ease of use. Pictures by IrishAndroid - Photobucket
  7. I've been researching some places to go and discuss my hair loss in the Pensacola or Milton area of Florida. There are a number of dermatologists here, but nobody really seems to specialize in hair loss. Is it alright to make an appoint for a regular dermatologist? I called one place, and the secretary seemed a little hesitant after I described my situation, as if they could do it but didn't often.
  8. http://holddownhair.com/index.php What do you guys think about this website for Propecia? I've heard bad things about online pharmacies, and want to be safe, but I'm on a serious budget with no health care. I checked their distributor, United Pharmacy, and it got some fairly negative, albeit mixed, reviews.
  9. To everyone, really -- thank you. Like RajToor said, I hit the panic button and freaked out. After all this, I feel a little dumb for showing up and speaking to people with *real* problems. In any case, yeah, I'm gonna go with the Fin eventually, keep my piece of mind. Great community, here. You guys are the coolest.
  10. Thanks for the replies. I feel a little better. My only skepticism stemmed from the so-called sexual side effects, but Fin seems like the way to go. But that's true, hairthere, sleeping at night has to be worth the chance.
  11. I apologize if I've missed this up. I didn't realize these pictures would be posted up on the forum. But while I'm here, I would really appreciate an opinion on my state of hair loss. I'm 26 years old, and I only recently noticed the state of my hair. I have always been thick, and now, it feels thinner, more spread out. Anything at all would help. I think I'm going to go visit a dermatologist