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When can you tell if you're NOT a candidate for a surgery?

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On Dr. Bernstein's website, he says that a reason for why he has not undergone a hair transplant is because he is not a good candidate. He doesn't go into detail as to why he isn't a good one, but I'm sure the reasons are valid.


Dr. Bernstein has to be anywhere from 50-60 years old, so I can understand how he can conclude that he's not a candidate, but what if he were younger? Would Dr. Bernstein have known at age 20, 25, or 30 that he would evolve into a bad candidate?


For any and all doctors out there, what makes someone a bad candidate, and how soon can someone know whether they will become a bad candidate? After all, transplanting a 25 year old who will eventually become a bad candidate, is just as bad as transplanting a 45 year old who is a bad candidate.


ps, I know unrealistic expectations make someone a bad candidate, but I would have to assume that Dr. Bernstein has a better understanding of the limitations of hair transplantation than even the most well informed patients.

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I dont think there is a hard-fast rule. I believe it boils down to expectations. I have seen NW7s with a frontal forelock planted which makes a significant difference. Most 20 year old guys would not be happy with that.


HTs might work for anyone depending on if it meets __their__ exectations.


Anyone with a NW3 pattern or less, who is older and whose loss has stabilized, can probably achieve near original looking density.


NW4 and beyond is where the results may not appeal to some.

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