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Just had my transplant 3-5-10/ Dr Panine Chicago


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I've been a lurker for a year or so and used this site to find Dr Panine.

I'm early 40's and have been on finesteride for almost a yr and on and off it for 3 yrs.


I had 2500 total grafts on thursday. Around 400 were to fill in the front as I had pretty good coverage there. I had 2100 on the crown. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was never really in any pain besides the stress of sitting all day and half the night.

It's saturday afternoon and my eyes are swollen but other than that I have no pain at all. I only took one vicodin thursday night and no other pain meds since. I'm glad I choose Dr Panine he talked me through the whole procedure and kept me calm and comfortable. Also it didnt hurt that he has some nice looking foreign girls working with him who kept me company throughout the day. I dealt with Stuart for over a month through email and phone calls and he took care of me. Of course I wont know the results for awhile but I think he did an awesome job!

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Welcome to our community.


Congratulations on selecting an excellent hair restoration physician to perform your procedure. Swelling is a common post-operative side effect, but I'm glad the experience has been otherwise pain-free.


You may want to consider putting together your own patient website which can be updated as you progress. Happy growing. icon_cool.gif




Anthony (youngsuccess)



All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Congrats Coltz18. Yeah, put together a blog for sure. We need more blogs from Panine patients!

Dr. G: 1,000 grafts (FUT) 2008

Dr. Paul Shapiro: 2,348 grafts (FUT) 2009 ~ 1,999 grafts (FUT) 2011 ~ 300 grafts (Scar Reduction) 2013

Dr. Konior: 771 grafts (FUT) 2015 ~ 558 grafts (FUT) 2017 ~ 1,124 grafts (FUE) 2020

My Hair Transplant Journey with Shapiro Medical Group

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I will get Stuart to send me the pictures he took before and after. I can't believe I finally got it done and it was so easy. For me the worst part of the whole procedure is my current swollen eyes. I was not thrilled sitting there for so long. But I did get a few breaks and plenty of food. The first couple shots hurt a little but after that I just watched TV and talked to the dr and assistants. I was very hesitant and nervous but it worked out great. Oh and Stuart is the man! He picked me up in the morning, checked up on me throughout the day. He took me back to my hotel and got me dinner that night.

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