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Raymond Konior, MD | Chicago Hair Institute | 2204 Graft Hairline Restoration

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This 29 year old patient requested reinforcement of his frontal hairline.  A total of 2204 grafts were transplanted using a non-shave, stick-and-place approach.  Presented here is his eighteen month postop result.

preop right.jpg

preop front.jpg

preop left.jpg

planned graft zone right.jpg

planned graft zone front.jpg

planned graft zone left.jpg

postop front 1.jpg

postop front 2.jpg

postop front 3.jpg

postop right 1.jpg

postop right 2.jpg

postop right 3.jpg

postop right comb-back view.jpg

postop left 1.jpg

postop left 2.jpg

postop left comb-back view.jpg

immediate postop graft placement front.jpg

immediate postop graft placement left.jpg

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