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Not washing hair

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I have recently found that if I don't wash my hair every day that my hair looks a lot thicker and easier to style and cover my baldness. It doesn't look particularly greasy either. I've gone nearly a week this time without washing it. Anyone else found this to be the case?

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I also didn't wash my hair everyday prior to my procedure and felt it was healthier...albeit I kept on getting more bald.


I actually wash my hair now every other or third day now and feel it is less drying and the hair looks (like you said) a little thicker.

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i also dont wash my hair all the time maybe twice a week as like you say my hair also looks better when i dont as washing seems to thin it out and also its alot easyer to style not washing so often, plus natural oils get stripped away if you wash to often so it cant be healthy to wash so often

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It may look thicker because of the dirt and oil attached to the hair icon_smile.gif


anyway if it works for you and if your hair does not look too dirty, there is nothing wrong with washing it less often. However, one thing to be clear here, washing hair more often does NOT increase hair loss.


I am not a doctor. The opinions and comments are of my own.


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