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Dr. Pathomvanich VS Dr. Laorwong : Advice Needed Please

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Hi Everyone,


OK - so I have been going through this forum for the last few hours. I have searched on Google for mentions of both these doctors on the forums and have pretty much read every single thread possible.


Here's what I've learnt so far:


1. Dr. Laorwong is a former student of Dr. Pathmvanich.

2. It seems that Dr. Laorwong does many more FUE treatments than Dr. Pathmvanich.

3. Dr. Laorwong was recommended by this forum only this year.

4. Dr. Laorwong seems to have more recent reviews from threads on this forum.

5. Dr. Pathmvanich has reviews and threads which date back quite some time, so seems to have a lot of experience.


On the whole - both doctors seem to be reviewed quite well.


So here's my question - who should I choose?!


I definitely want to do it in BKK because I'm in Oz and can get there quickly and cheaply.


I am leaning towards FUE because I don't really like the idea of a long scar on the back of my head, as I wear my hair quite short.


A little about me : 35, Asian decent, thinning only at the crown. I would say I am a Norwood III.


Any recommendation of which Dr to choose would be great! Please don't answer; 'it all depends' Because that doesn't help me! If you think it depends on something then tell me what it depends on and give options dependant on the things it depends on (if that makes sense?! :) )


Thank you!

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