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  1. Hi All, I have finally taken the plunge and started my hair loss (or should I say hair regrowth!) journey. As I've read a lot of peoples posts here and gained a lot of insight and assistance, I thought it only fair if I also put forward my own journey so that maybe I'll be able to help someone else who might be considering doing the same. I'm going try to chronologically recount my journey on this thread and as I progress I will also update this thread, hoping to have a concise picture of the beginning the middle and the end of my journey (and hopefully a full head of hair!). ** T
  2. Hi Everyone, OK - so I have been going through this forum for the last few hours. I have searched on Google for mentions of both these doctors on the forums and have pretty much read every single thread possible. Here's what I've learnt so far: 1. Dr. Laorwong is a former student of Dr. Pathmvanich. 2. It seems that Dr. Laorwong does many more FUE treatments than Dr. Pathmvanich. 3. Dr. Laorwong was recommended by this forum only this year. 4. Dr. Laorwong seems to have more recent reviews from threads on this forum. 5. Dr. Pathmvanich has reviews and threads which date back qu
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