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  1. Hi All, I have finally taken the plunge and started my hair loss (or should I say hair regrowth!) journey. As I've read a lot of peoples posts here and gained a lot of insight and assistance, I thought it only fair if I also put forward my own journey so that maybe I'll be able to help someone else who might be considering doing the same. I'm going try to chronologically recount my journey on this thread and as I progress I will also update this thread, hoping to have a concise picture of the beginning the middle and the end of my journey (and hopefully a full head of hair!). ** The Beginning : 5 Months Ago ** As probably most of everyone here, I started by researching techniques! I decided on the FUE technique in the end because I was worried the strip technique would leave me with a scar and I like to have my hair short. Then I researched all over the Internet (real self, other blogs and forums) and this forum for the right doctor for me. Price really wasn't that big of a factor, it was more experience and good reviews that made the difference for me, oh, and pictures! PICTURES! Also I'm in Australia - I couldn't really find any doctors in Australia that came highly recommended, so taking a trip to Thailand wasn't going to be an issue. I finally settled on the two doctors who seem most highly recommended in Bangkok - Dr. Pathomvanich or Dr. Kongkiat Laorwong. I emailed them both with pictures of my hair line (attached). I actually didn't get a reply from Dr. Path at all and got a reply from Dr. Laorwong the next day. Here's the picture I sent and got back from Dr. Laorwong: After doing more research and speaking to my family and partner, I decided - OK, if I'm going to do it - let's do it! So I booked my flights, my hotels and also booked my appointment with Dr. Laorwong. ** 1 Week Before ** It's now 1 week before the surgery and I'm feeling quite confident, I keep on looking at b4 and afters for Dr. Laorwong and I'm feeling confident that I will have a good result. I am hoping for 1,500 grafts at 90 bhatt per graft, so that's going to be around ?3,000 (AUD5,500). Which if it works, seems OK to me. But if it doesn't work - wow, that's a lot of money to waste! :eek: The doctor's office has emailed me with some tips before surgery which I will share with you : Two weeks before surgery • No Rogaine or Minoxidil. One week before surgery • No Plavix, Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid - A.S.A.) or anti-inflammatory medications that contain Aspirin. • No Vitamin E, Fish oil. • No Ginkgo Bilobe, Ginseng or other herbal supplements. • Continue your regular medicines unless the doctor told you to stop taking them. • If you have high blood pressure and taking medication please inform your doctor not to use Beta blocker for one week prior to surgery and switch to other drug. • Please notify the doctor in case of fever or sickness or other surgery you will have prior to surgery. OK - that's it from me for now. Will update again when land in Thailand!
  2. Hi Everyone, OK - so I have been going through this forum for the last few hours. I have searched on Google for mentions of both these doctors on the forums and have pretty much read every single thread possible. Here's what I've learnt so far: 1. Dr. Laorwong is a former student of Dr. Pathmvanich. 2. It seems that Dr. Laorwong does many more FUE treatments than Dr. Pathmvanich. 3. Dr. Laorwong was recommended by this forum only this year. 4. Dr. Laorwong seems to have more recent reviews from threads on this forum. 5. Dr. Pathmvanich has reviews and threads which date back quite some time, so seems to have a lot of experience. On the whole - both doctors seem to be reviewed quite well. So here's my question - who should I choose?! I definitely want to do it in BKK because I'm in Oz and can get there quickly and cheaply. I am leaning towards FUE because I don't really like the idea of a long scar on the back of my head, as I wear my hair quite short. A little about me : 35, Asian decent, thinning only at the crown. I would say I am a Norwood III. Any recommendation of which Dr to choose would be great! Please don't answer; 'it all depends' Because that doesn't help me! If you think it depends on something then tell me what it depends on and give options dependant on the things it depends on (if that makes sense?! ) Thank you!
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