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- I've been using minoxidil for about 2 weeks now, twice a day. (No results yet,) - but that's not surprising considering it says that it can take up to 6 months to see results. I'm using it on the crown of my head, along with the front 'temples' of my head... and along the sides. (1ml though, I'm not over-doing it.) 5% minoxidil...


1. I was reading that minoxidil can cause heart irregularities. Is this true? Can it really effect your heart, eventhough it's nothing more than drops on your head???


2. More importantly... I've also read that minoxidil can cause 'unwanted hair growth' in places OTHER than your scalp. Think about this logically with me... If you drop some on your head and it runs down onto your ears everyday, (or forhead,) - I can see why it COULD eventually grow hair in those places. *BUT* - if you're careful, (and keep it on your hair, not running anywhere,) - are these effects STILL POSSIBLE? This is something I'm extremely curious about. Can I end up growing 'hair on my ears' or 'hair on my forhead,' - EVEN IF I'm careful and don't let it drip on to those areas? (Basically, can the 'unwanted growth in other places' happen even if you're careful, and don't make REAL PHYSICAL CONTACT with the minoxdil and those areas?)


Thanks. Getting nervous here...

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I cannot confirm or deny that minoxidil causes heart irregularities. But, I can confirm that I haven't noticed any.


I also didn't really see any 'unwanted hair growth' either. When they wrote that in the packet of information inside of the rogaine box, they meant that the rogaine was absorb too much into your blood stream and that caused hair growth else ware. In all seriousness, I might have noticed other smaller blond hairs on my body turn a slightly (slightly) darker shade of brown. This is nothing that deters me from continuing use of the product.

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1. Yes it can cause heart irregularities like palpitations. Personally experienced this.


2. Yes hair begins to grow more in other parts of your body. For me, there was an increase in nostril hair and on the forearms. Forearm hair subsided, nostril hair still grows more denser.



Minoxidil has systemic effects,(and was originally a systemic drug for hypertension) even though it is applied topically.

take care...



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