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mrcool20, 1st off I would take it because if your thinning up front, down the road you may start to thin outin the back.


2nd I agree with mmhce. I believe Propecia and minox also help with the front as well as the back. Just not as well. While I believe that propecia can stop crown loss altogether and maybe grow some hair back, I also believe that it just slows down loss in the front 1/3rd which is a definate benefit. I have no proof that this is the case but I can tell on my own head that there is a clear differance between the frontal 1/3rd and the back 2/3rds and Im a diffuse thinner which means I should thin out evenly thru out the whole top of my head. I have slowly "almost unnoticabley" been thinning on the front 1/3rd since I started propecia,and havent lost any hair in the back 2/3rds but before propecia I was thinning rapidly through out

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