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1585 follicular unit grafts by Dr. Alfonso Barrera Houston, Texas

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37 year old male. Started by harvesting an occipital donor strip measuring about 12 x 1 cm. The strip was then dissected into 1585 follicular unit grafts consisting of 1 and 2 hairs per graft. These were then inserted one by one into the recipient sites with the use of 22.5 sharp point blades.











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I was somewhat sceptical to begin with, with a reasonably low graft count. But, what a result. Im sure the patient is extremely happy. It would be interesting to some photographs of the 3, 6, 9 and 12 month stage, just to see how the transplant matured, and if things looked so optimistic at these earlier points.


Also, one of the photo comments, explained that most grafts were used in the front and top area, does this mean that some were planted into the crown region? If so, how many?


One question. Why was 1500 grafts used. I would say that the majority of Dr's on here, including the top Docs, would estimate double this amount of grafts for denser packing. But this shows that this is not always necessary. This could create a really great point of discussion. Maybe some other Dr's could get involved and give an estimate that they would have suggested. From the images, I wouldnt say that the patient had extremely great hair characteristics either. His hair looks relatively thin. Was this the case Dr Barrera?


1500 grafts, was this the original plan, or were there factors on the day that dictated this?


Overall, a great result and surely a very happy patient. Very impressive. Congratulations!!!

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