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FALC--i want to send you some pictures directly


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i can seem to get it done on the website

im really distraught after so much time has gone by since my surgery..my hair is thinning like crazy..i dont know whats going on...im on prpocia and was on a medication called depakote

then i stopped like 3 weeks ago//i noticed my hair has gone from pretty darn good to a nightmare

send me an email...slatemonster2002@yahoo.com


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I'm sorry your experiencing more hair loss my friend, especially after having a hair transplant to try to get it back. Are you losing natural hair or transplanted hair?


I have read that hair loss is a reported side effect of the drug Depakote. I suspect that if Depakote is responsible for hair loss, that it should come back on its own after a couple of months.


I just sent you an email. You can also email me at help@hairtransplantnetwork.com.


Hang in there my friend,



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