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Review of Mohebi Medical (Dr Mohebi in Los Angeles)

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I haven't really had a chance to update you all on last week's HT #2 procedure, but I've been keeping notes to eventually share. Here is roughly what I've been going through and my overall feeling at doing a second procedure with Dr. Mohebi. I will polish these notes and upload alot of photos when I get a chance.


Review of Parsa Mohebi - 2nd Hair Transplant (3238 Grafts)


I elected to have the entire Recipient region shaved. Dr. Mohebi said that he could work on me whether I choose to shave or not, but there can be a 10% difference in results. I figure if shaving the Recipient region can improve results by up to 10%, I WILL DO IT.

The timing is very bad for this really wierd shaved head, but I am thinking of the longer-term.

Dr. Mohebi was very smart about the way he shaved my head. He provided me with a very cool LA-style trucker's hat and kept my recipient region long enough to come out of the trucker's hat to appear as if everything was normal. Amazing!

My hair stylist (girlfriend) came in and worked with Dr. Mohebi pre-op, gave her opinions on how she thought my hair needs improvement; gave ideas of weak points of my hair; told the Dr. how my hair parts and how she prefers to style my hair (the types of styles that look good on me). Dr. considered all her opinions and in the end came up with a miraculous design that seems to have put very good density in the crown region and also filled in the frontal region. Very surprising, since the original purpose of this surgery was to address the crown region that we did not touch 4 years ago! I am so impressed that he was able to attack non-crown regions :)


The staff WAS GREAT. I absolutely loved the technicians at Dr. Mohebi operating room. During the transplant operation, I had great conversation with the technicians. A couple technicians were separating the grafts from my strips under a microscope.. A couple technicians were implanting the separated grafts into the regions the doctor created. While the techs were busy doing their specialized tasks, I genuinely felt like I was "hanging out with friends." We talked about pop culture, tv shows, relationships, travel. The experience is like going to a barber or hair salon, except that a hair transplant takes about 18X more time to accomplish than a hair cut, and requires 5X the manpower :D Also, its much more nerve-wracking because a bad haircut can be fixed in a matter of months.. but a hair transplant is Do-OR-Die.. YOU HAVE TO GET IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

I got there an hour late because I did not account for LA traffic.. Do NOT ARRIVE LATE TO A PROCEDURE since there is a whole team waiting for you.. The entire staff stayed late into the evening because they had to ensure that each graft was treated with equal respect as every other graft.


First day ALOT of pain

Was driven home in an uncomfortable sports car in LA traffic. I felt so sick. It may have been the Percocet making it worse.. but I recommend you either stay at a nearby hotel or have someone drive you home in a very comfortable and quiet car. Try to avoid traffic the day of surgery.

Neck pain was worse than scar pain. 9 hours of surgery. I think my neck must have been in a very bad position while they were working on me.

Only slept for 2 hours of the surgery.

52 stitches.

Dr. Mohebi sent me home with a neck pillow (similar to the ones you would buy at an airport before a flight). This allowed me to sleep in such a way that while my neck has support, the Recipeint region is not being stressed by pillows. It is critical that the first few days there is no stress to the Recipient Hairs. You don't want to ruin 9 hours of Mohebi's work. You don't want to lose a single hair. Like Dr. Mohebi says, "in this indusry, it is a sin to waste a single donor hair".

I was very concerned about my sleep position the first night; and I was both nervous and in pain; my dad called Dr. Mohebi's emergency contact number that was provided with my take-home instructions. Dr. Mohebi was so kind to give advice late at night, he instructed my dad that the neck pillow stressing on my sutures is OKAY and I shouldn't worry about that. I just need to be careful not to allow any pressure on the harvested grafts.


Day 2 was better but still had some pain. I had already request Sick Leave from work (smart move).

Day 3 I felt ALOT better. But I requested an extra day off to get back close to 100% recovery.

I notice that just above my ears show more skin than before. Maybe because my scalp has moved up; maybe its psychological; or maybe there is some thinning there. I am not bothered by it; just curious.

The sides of my head, where the stitches end, are the most sensitive, painful areas. The middle is not painful at all.


First 3 washes done by hair stylist (girlfriend).


Day 4 was my first shower (eww, gross). First wash I did on my own. Recipient region has little to no feeling. I dab it with a sponge and Regenix shampoo but I don't feel much at all.

Brushed the stitches with the scrubby side of the sponge. No pain but feeling a little sting at the ends of the strip. Regenix is so mild and I see why Dr. Mohebi prescribes it to his patients post-op.


All the hairs at this point are NEW HAIR. The old hairs have been shaved off. It will be interesting to see how things turn out when they both come in together (6-12 months from now).


Dr. Mohebi underestimated the number of grafts he could obtain (YAY!) I got alot more grafts than we expected!!!!

During surgery, I remember waking up to the sweet words of Karen, the technician, saying "his hair is going to be so thick when it grows out".<3 What a great feeling.

feel short hairs from sutured wound.. its that interesting type of closure that he only uses now.. where hair grows out of the wound to minimize visibility of scar


Day 5


mom (nurse) says that's a good sign- means strip region is healing

Shower, recipient still has little sensation, skin in recipient feels thick and bloated. I can deal with it, been here before. It's all coming back to me now. Id forgotten this healing process as its been 4 years since my last HT.

New hairs not falling out yet :)


Day 6/7

Scar itchy, ends are tingly at times, and gets worse when I lift heavy objects or put stress to the area.

I exercised a little bit today-- bad idea.. Scar gets too tingly... Maybe i stretched the skin by bending over and im feeling the staples. I was excited for fireworks and kind of forgot that I'm still healing.. Don't exercise until you feel ready! At least don't exercise while you still have sutures. If I had done FUE then the healing time would be a lot quicker (tho less yield and it would have cost more $$). Next time I will do FUE probably cuz I think the first 2 procedures got me a good baseline density (I hope.. We will see in 6-12 months).

Girlfriend says my old hairs are starting to come in and mix with the new hairs making it look thicker. Good news. But unfortunately the new hairs are destined to fall out soon (hopefully later than sooner cuz I like the way my hair is looking now :) some of the thickness that my gf sees is probably due to some scanning (which is normal) so I'm my going to get to excited. I think Mohebi has done a beautiful job in making my hair look natural. He has mastered "hair economics" (see my blog post on this) to use the minimum amount of donor hairs to create the maximum density.

After coffee or exercise (anything that increases blood pressure) my recipient region also feels a bit tingly and itchy.

Gonna take a shower again (long process cuz I am still washing very carefully as to not mess up Mohebi's work, not stress the region, not rub too hard on any region). Part of me also doesn't want to shower cuz it's a matter of time before the new hairs fall out. Oh well.


BAD IDEA - showering and then bending over ... Stretches your scar. Delays healing.. Hurts. Prob makes scar look worse in long run. :(


Day 7

A couple weird nasty things going on in recipient region.

Big clear bulb with a hair coming out of recipient region.

I see a couple moles I didn't know were on my scalp. Now I worry if it's from driving a convertible in the sun and my lack of density allowed too much sun exposure... Skin cancer signs? I might as well get it checked out by Derma or ask Mohebi at the 10-day follow-up.

Recipient still very scabby and unsensitive to touch.

Seems like a beautiful job on the crown, really impressed. It looks quite natural even though he didn't want to spend a lot of grafts in the crown. This is truly fine work by Dr. Mohebi.


Days 8-9

for the most part the strip wound is healing well but the problem is that at each end, it still hasn't totally healed.. it stings sometimes.

scabs and dry skin are starting to come off in the shower. i think the new hairs will soon follow.

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Thanks for continuing to share your hair transplant experience! Can't wait to see hoe this latest procedure turns out for you! Happy Growing!

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Nice helpful review but really it is incomplete without pics.

Kindly upload some

And thanks for the detailed feedback

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Nice helpful review but really it is incomplete without pics.

Kindly upload some

And thanks for the detailed feedback


I will post pics as soon after my 10-day followup, I promise!

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Nice helpful review but really it is incomplete without pics.

Kindly upload some

And thanks for the detailed feedback


Snapchat vid of me during surgery (very informative)


Photo Album of Second HT results so far:

Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss and Transplant Photos


I think the Snapchat / Youtube video above is is very informative, so definitely check that out!

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