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I have a question about the base of the hairs being transplanted

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So if I Understand correctly even if a person goes bald in front for example they still have the base of the hair underneath the skin. How do you transplant new hairs when the original base of each hair is still there? How is there room?

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Hope all is well!



Unfortunately, when a person goes completely bald in an area, the follicle actually shrinks to the point where it is gone. There really is no "base" or root of this native hair anymore. There may be some remnant left, but with our current treatment and knowledge, we aren't able to revive these hairs. Sometimes if the hair is miniaturized or thinned, meds, laser or PRP can help to reverse this process.



When a bald area is transplanted into, there is no risk of damaging these "dead" follicles. The new transplants can be placed in an orderly placed pattern. If there are fine or thinning hairs in the area, the physician is sure to avoid those areas. The high maginification loupes we use help us to avoid even the smallest of hairs.

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