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  1. naveenram15, It is a big challenge for smokers after hair transplant surgery. While there have not been any studies done on hair surgery, we know from other general medical studies that smoking can and does hinder the healing process. One of the big issues right after transplantation is that the grafts have not yet established an adequate connection to the circulation. We try to do everything possible to improve the likelihood that grafts survive. (Grafts stay moist after surgery, they are placed as quickly as possible back into the scalp, ATP spray after surgery to increase oxygenati
  2. A scar revision is just the act of removing scar tissue safely. If one takes our scar in addition to hair, then there may be to much tension on the healing incision and it will scar again possibly worse. In the end, it is all about tension. You can only take out so wide of a piece of tissue. If you are only taking out scar, the chances of there being little tension on the incision and healing well is higher than if you took out the scar AND the additional width of tissue with hair. I recommend visiting with an experienced local physician who has experience with FUT. The recommended p
  3. During a scar revision, the focus is on removing the scar only. When we perform a hair transplant surgery using the strip method, we can not get the same improvement in the scar as if we took only the scar out. Occasionally we can improve on the scar an the same time as the hair transplant surgery. We call this transplant with scar revision. If you have a poor scar that you would like to improve and transplanting hair right now is not an issue, then the physician can focus soley on improving the scar with a revision (no hair transplanting) Physicans who routinely perform FUT (stri
  4. hairsafelife, Welcome to the forum. It sounds from your post that you have normal male pattern alpecia. This is diagnosed, as you know, from the typical pattern that one sees on the top of the scalp. The donor area usually is not affected by this type of alopecia. DUPA (diffuse unpatterned alopecia) is a condition that results in diffuse thinning throughout the entire scalp including the donor region on the sides and back of the head. These patients are not good candidates for surgery. It is hard to determine how much hair you are losing from this area from your post. R
  5. I think in order to know accurately how many grafts you need, it would be a good idea to visit with a hair transplant surgeon. The area of loss is not the only thing we look at when deciding how many grafts to use. We also look at age, future loss, family history, your own goals. Having said that, FUE is an excellent choice for this type of restoration. Your graft range ca be anywhere from 1200-1800 grafts. Also, occasionally people do additional surgeries on the same area to increase density. This is also something you might want to do. I hope this helps.
  6. Thanks for the ongoing interest in the study. We currently have 4 people in the study at various post op points. The first two are currently around the one year post op. I unfortunately can't reveal any of the actual data or photos at this time, as all of the data from all of the patients is not in yet. We want to make sure we are careful in our assessments before coming to any conclusions. Having said that, preliminary results have been very promising! At this point, there is very little to no differences in the results of the recipient in the FUT vs FUE side. The growth, yield, an
  7. hairman22, It appears you have very early thinning in the vertex at this point. You may be correct that you also have a little shock loss, although it is less likely because the last transplant was in the frontal region. Some surgeons, like myself, do not like to do any work in the vertex in young patients.(<35 yoa) The reason is that we are not sure how your hairloss will progress. Typically starting to lose hair in your early 20s signals that you will have severe thinning for the rest of your life. It is great that you are on finasteride and minoxidil. These will go far fo
  8. Yes, we matched up the number of FUT and FUE so we could have an fair side to side comparison. We also recorded transection rate. We did 2000 graft total for each case. For our clinic, that is an average sized case. If we had dozens of patients we would have a better time with the results. Unfortunately it is tough to get patient enrolled in transplant studies. I think, although this study will not be authoritative, it will give a good idea if there are large differences between the outcomes in both techniques. If there is little difference between the donor and recipien
  9. Rashid36, Taking finasteride is not a problem. The study is taking place at Shapiro Medical Group in Minneapolis, MN, USA. Although the surgery is greatly reduced in price, we will require patients to return for follow up in the clinic at least 2 additional times.
  10. 1978matt, I am glad you asked. Currently we have 4 patients enrolled in the study. We are ultimately looking to do 5 or 6 total. The patients are at various stages of their post operative period. The results are very interesting though with the 2 patients we have at or near the one year post op mark. As many of us expected, the FUE and FUT sides look very similar. This is according to the before and after photography. We have yet to fully study the magnified views and hair counts to really see if there is a difference between techniques. Still, no difference would be seen as a
  11. The biggest factor in determining whether to use permanent vs semi - permanent SMP is future hair loss. Many younger patients with early hair loss come to our clinic not wanting to do surgery but want a solution nonetheless. They may or not be on meds for prevention. These patients in my opinion are better served by going the semi permanent route. The reason that this is a better option is as follows. As these patients lose more hair they will need additional SMP. It is not as simple as just adding more pigment into the areas that have faded. The problem with patients who lose more hair
  12. I am glad to hear there is some excitement regarding this study. We too are looking forward to getting results after we have enough patients. We are actually still actively seeking patients for the study. This is a blurb from one of our advertisements for the study. "The world-renowned hair transplant clinic of Shapiro Medical Group is seeking qualified candidates for an exciting new study. We have received a study grant from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) to study the differences between the two types of hair transplantation known as FUT (follicular uni
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