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Stress and Sleep Deprivation Post-Op

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Originally posted by coscanoer:

What is the effect of occasional stress and sleep deprivation (during, say, the first six months post-op) on the outcome and success of a transplant?


I am not sure that there would be any studies that describe the effect of stress on HT.


One thing to consider is that having a HT can be a source of stress itself, depending on how well you grow, how well it was planned and designed, if you have realistic expectations, how much it disrupts your social life, etc.


If you are already in a stressful state that you feel is impacting your health, I would address that before getting a HT.


And when you do get a HT, be mindful of your stress levels so that your healing is not interrupted.

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We all have occational stress. Or maybe I should say that those who do not have occational stress are very lucky. In order ot maintain a healthy state we all need a certain amount of REM sleep. When a person is deprived of sleep their immune system will be suppressed. Eventually the lack of sleep will catch up with those who are deprived of it.

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