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Can you please tell if this is what happened to you after HT

Big Allan

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I think the guy is right about somethings and misinformed about some others.


He tells us basically what we already know, but in a way that might scare the crap out of anyone. It is true the surgery does tend to leave some scars on the donor region (back of your head) but I wonder how this guy ended with scars in the front. Also, the surgery is relatively pain-free provided you are given enough local anesthesia. The pain and the scars that this guy is talking about really boil down to the quality of your HT doc. This guy most probably went to the wrong doc for his HTs.


HTs are expensive. We all know that. Now, your question about the effects post-surgery. Finasteride and minoxidil are exactly for the purpose of arresting future hair loss and regrowth in some cases. If these drugs are taken regularly, there is a very little chance that a situation will arise where the rest of your hair falls off and you are left with only the transplanted hair. At this stage, I can only speculate about this because I have not come across any older guy (maybe in his 60s) who has had HTs and has been using the drugs regularly. Someone on this forum might help us here.


The guy is absolutely right that you cannot shave your head after a HT without the scar being visible. Even trichophytic closures leave a minimal scar that will be visible once you shave down completely.

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If you go to a doctor recommended on this forum the chances of you having a bad outcome like that guy are minimal. That being said, all HT patients need to be realistic in their expectations. You can do that by researching a ton and having consults with top doctors. It also helps to see some HTs in person. Best of luck.

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a Scalp Micropigmentation Company in Fort Lee, New Jersey. www.aheadink.com

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