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difffuse thinners

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i myself are a diffuse thinner and i have read lots of different points of views on this regarding Ht.


Would really like to hear from other diffuse thinners who have had or are considering HT. Shockloss is a worry and i have heard that as a diffuse thinner your are prone to this. i am now worried as dont want to loose hair after having Ht your help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am on finax 1 mg for 2 years by now and also minox 10% in the morning. I really cant make out if this has slowened this hairloss process, because daily i am taking head bath with pantene shampoo followed by mintop application and followed by dermmatch concealer. daily i am loosing some 20 hairs while iam taking head bath though i take it very gently. its still thinning but i feel like a bit it has slowned with these medicines but not very sure of it.


Maxxy could you plz throw some light on this, i am realy worried. i am a resident of hyd, india


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Hey Princyluks,


Sorry, I'm not 100% sure on what you're asking me to comment on. I'm not a diffused thinner, at least not to the extent that I would transplant into the areas. If you are asking me whether you should have a transplant or not, then that's something you really have to decide for yourself. It sounds like you are doing pretty much everything you can in terms of proven treatments (Finasteride and Minoxidil). As with anyone else, no matter what they say - I can't predict what, if any will affect transplanting into the thinning areas will have on your native hair.


20 hairs per day doesn't sound excessive, you have to remember we all lose some hair on a daily basis. If you've gave the meds a good shot, and by the sounds of it you have, then I can't advise you any further sorry.


I wouldn't be happy having a transplant until I was sure my loss wasn't progressing or at least at a very slow pace if it was.

If it was me, I'd compare pictures at 6 month intervals - if the loss was noticeably worse in a year then I personally wouldn't go ahead.

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I'm certainly a diffuse thinner, but didn't experience any shock loss from what I can tell. I think surgeon skill and the use of very small instruments helps avoid some of this, but I'm no doctor.


Take the finasteride is the best advice I can give, along with a top world class surgeon. I've had a great experience, even though I'm still somewhat thin. At least I've got a natural look now.

100? 'mini' grapfts by Latham's Hair Clinic - 1991 (Removed 50 plugs by Cooley 3/08.)

2750 FU 3/20/08 by Dr. Cooley


My Hair Loss Website - Hair Transplant with Dr. Cooley


Current regimen:

1.66 mg Proscar M-W-F

Rogaine 5% Foam - every now and then

AndroGel - once daily

Lipitor - 5 mg every other day

Weightlifting - 2x per week

Jogging - 3x per week


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