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Five month post op (3703 grafts on NW3) Dr. Ron Chao


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Hi All,


As some of you know, I had a 3703 graft procedure done by Dr. Ronald Chao in September 2009.


I'm attaching my progress. The top pic is one week after surgery and the bottom pic is from today.


Since I am 5 months post-op should I estimate that this is 40-50% growth or does it look like more? I tried to duplicate the lighting and the wetness of my hair. I got the yaw and roll correct, but not sure about the pitch.


Let me know what you think?




P.S. I am receiving no compensation from Dr. Chao.


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impossible to judge IMO from those pics. if you did indeed spread 3,700 grafts all over your scalp as you say in your pic, then I don't think you can expect that much of a visible cosmetic improvement. I say that because a general rule is that you have to double the hair follicles in a particular area for the eye to recognize a noticeable improvement. Your hair was so full pre-op, the spreading 3,700 grafts throughout really won't do much.


That said, you can think of it as somewhat of an insurance policy.

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