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  1. I didn't realise saying that his new hair color made him look "creepy" would be taken so hard by you guys. Wasn't mean to insult this guy. That was my honest initial reaction. Jotronic,i was commenting on the PICTURES not the video you posted afterwards thank you. When someone changes the length AND color of their hair it makes judging results harder. Don't act like it doesn't. Why didnt' you just post graft placement pics to begin with so we can all see exactly where the hair went? Yes H&W are the GODS of Ht's on here but the way you always take issue & have an attitude with someone who deosnt agree with you makes it seem like YOU have something to do with those great results... when you DON'T.
  2. Let's be real here,the diference in length and the dye job make it hard to judge these pics. Have any early post ops of graft placement? He looked a lot better with dark hair,now he looks artificial and *edited my comment as to not hurt anyones feelings *
  3. If you did a decent number of grafts in the front and sprinkled the crown some topik might give you a good looking result. You should post a couple more pics,one straight on would help
  4. Phil mascallpen, you can't be serious telling sshaikh01 "try finasteride for at least 10 months first. You might have good enough results that you don't even need an HT" When have you ever seen finasteride aka Propecia fill in that much baldness??? That's just b.s.
  5. Looks good,does he plan on filling in the crown area or is he not concerned about it? p.s. Ditching a pair of glasses ALWAY'S helps someone's looks
  6. How soon after this HT did you start using Rogaine Foam again? jus wondering
  7. The low hairline would be fine IF it had enough grafts packed in there. Rassman loves getting you to do 2 or 3 ht's for what other doc's can get done in 1 John Gosselin's hair looks pathetic btw,are you still going to do his 2nd and 3rd ht's for FREE??? Even tho his show is cancelled? No publicity in it so i bet not
  8. So for 2500 feller grafts in 2007 it was $8750 and now the same amount will cost you $10,750 (on feller's website) Sheesh
  9. That does not look good at all and i'm sure lot's of ingrown hairs are under there. I would go to another doctor just to have them look at that asap
  10. Seriously seems like a waste of time and $ but looks good for what it is. Any post op pics at say 1-3 days and first few weeks? i bet that looked pretty haha. I hope this guy doesn't start to lose hair on his head cause then he will be kicking himself for puttin those sweet lil grafts on his face
  11. If i had sank all that money and down time into an HT i would NEVER expose myself to ANYTHING i even remotely thought would damage my results. So you deserve all the worry yer doin.
  12. Could you be anymore paranoid? haha Take it easy
  13. Which office does Dr. Dorin perform surgery from? All 4 locations?
  14. Dr. Feller's fue prices need to come down a lil'. I guess since he doesn't like doing fue you are paying for him to put up with it hahaha
  15. If you went by this forum and the results posted the top doc's would have to be...in no order Rahal Hasson & Wong Shapiro Bro's Feller and Bosley...hahaha JUST KIDDIN'! 6 great HT doc's
  16. You have a Manly chin and now a lil' manly scar...ROLL WITH IT! "yeah baby i got that in a crazy bar fight" etc etc haha
  17. Just go to hairlosshelp and do a search. Isn't it a huge no-brainer to go with Rahal since you can actualy SEE a large number of his results on sites? Talk to McLovin and see what he has to say...
  18. Hey Peter can you post better pics? Its hard to see how your coming along. Thanks man
  19. Pats you are so full of it. I was kicked off of hairsite just for asking you questions about your results. Good thing hairsite isn't worth posting on huh?