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2nd Hair transplant!After How long?


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Ideally a year. With meds like Minox and Fin being taken regularly, a year's time will help your balding pattern to stabilize and your transplanted hairs to grow and mature.


Who did your HT in India? Can we see some pics?

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It depends where you are planning to have the grafts placed in the second procedure. If you are grafting a completely new area than you could have another procedure in 6 months. If you are planning on placing additional grafts in the same recipient area as the first procedure than I recommend waiting 1 year.

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We try to have a minimum of 10-12 months between the first and second session,12 if there is a fair amount of native hair still on top and 10 if there isn't.

The reasons for waiting this long are as follows:

1) Most importantly, time for the vasculature (blood supply) of the scalp to return to normal after the previous surgery with its large number of micro-injuries.

2) Time for the donor area to become lax and loose again so that another donor strip can be taken and a narrow scar is still possible.

3) Time for the hair to grow out, so that in the second session there are no "direct hits" on any of the new grafts.

4) And lastly, time for the hair to grow out sufficiently that the patient feels confident the procedure works and is motivated enough to do it again.

Hope that helps explain the time between.

Mike Beehner, M.D.

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