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Regenerative Medicine

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loves-- this is ACELL. and believe it or not HT docs have been using this stuff already....through the efforts of a few guys , one poster in particular named 'KKwilliams' who used to post on HLH, ace has been introduced to the HT world... dr jones used and documented this for a scar repair case.. problem is he did NOT close the new wound but rather attempted to see if the acell would regenegate NEW scin, which it did i believe but while i def say improvments it did not heal perfectlyIMO... that said i more drs used and tested this stuff because i VERY MUCH believe in it.. i did ALOT of research on it and bspoke with bpeople behind the scense.. i believe that IF USED CORRECTLY to a well sutured fresh strip scar this will result in a NON scar.. at the very least it will result in skin tissue that is VERY FUE friendly, as opposed to the POOR yield we find when FUE is placed into scar tissue...


id like an ACELL revival soon cause I KNOW the stuff is amazing ... ITS PROVEN.... now lest gut some guys who know how to use it correctly

*** RESULTS WILL 100%, without a DOUBT, VARY***

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