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Advice needed for upcoming follow-up consultation with Dr Feller (photos included)

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I'll be heading in to see Dr Feller for a follow-up consultation next week and want to be sure I have all bases covered, and ask all the appropriate questions. I'm looking forward to seeing the good doctor, I hope all goes well.


I've received several ht's, my last being two years ago with Dr Feller.


I'm hoping to finally cover the frontal third and achieve a non see-thru look. The area comprises approx 64 cm2 or 10 in2. The photos were taken today. Dry, no flash.










These are my concerns, in no particular order.


- I'm told by Dr Feller this may very well be my last procedure. And that I have a limited amount of grafts left. Possibly only 1500.


- Considering my last procedure didn't produce what I would consider great results, I'm wondering what I can or should expect from another final procedure. Or, if all things considered, should I just not go forward with it at all.


- Considering my prior work, will the scar tissue reduce the amount of my already limited available grafts from growing. And greatly reduce the results. Or has technique and technology advanced enough to overcome this.


- What exactly is the amount of fu's per cm2 needed to achieve a non see-thru result. I understand the variables involved, however one needs some way of quantifying this as to base their decision on.

I've read 50 +/- fu's per cm2 was the usual number used. If so I would then need 3200 fu's. Basing this on the approx 64 cm2 I need to cover. 64 cm2 x 50 fu's = 3200 fu's.


- Carrying that logic forward, if there are in fact only 1500 fu's available would an ht then be senseless for me to pursue. Since I would need 3200 to achieve some sense of coverage.



This is were I stand now. What do you think are my chances of success ???



If I do go forward with this procedure I will of course continue to keep everyone up to date on my progress. And from time to time post photos.



Thanks in advance for your thoughts, opinions, ideas, additional questions, observations and comments...




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You mentioned your last procedure did not go well -- was this simply an issue of yield? Was it with Dr. Feller? If so, I'm sure he would give you his best explanation and reccomendation for moving forward, and what you could/should expect from another procedure.


Even if you got but 1500...if the bulk of it grew I imagine it would surely give you a nice cosmetic boost, and likely allow you to strategically style your hair to achieve a pretty full look.


At your consult I would inquire into the issues surrounding grafting w/ pre-existing scarring, and what your specific case is like, re: scarring. There's a video floating around here of Dr. Wong discussing the issues when grafting into scarring that I'll post if I can find it -- it seemed really interesting and I'd like to view it myself in full.


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