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Caught a Cold the day after surgery!!!

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Good day all.


I had my first HT on Friday 02/12/2010. I had 2000 grafts done.


My Question: The day after surgery I caught a "cold" no fever associated with it, just stuffy nose, head, and body aches. The worst lasted maybe 2 days at most and now I am just suffering the latent effects of the cold. Can having a cold/flu post op affect the HT's in any way shape or form.


The reason I ask is I just had my one week f/u today to have sutures removed : ) and I asked my doc this very question.. he replied that yes in some cases when people get "really" sick, this can hinder/stop the growth of the transplants. BTW the doc looked at my HT's and said this is how it should look right about now.. looks good.. come see me in a month.


Needless to say I am very excited and concerned at the same time. I will soon be adding the pictures I have been taking all week and will continue to do so for the next year as I go through this new transformation.


Thank you in advance and I look forward to sharing my thought in the coming months.

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Wow, you must feel miserable! I just had my first HT done yesterday (1500 grafts)and I am now dealing with the pain/swelling; could not imagine having a cold on top of that..


Unfortunately, I can't offer any insight as to how this will affect your growth. Just wanted to say hang in there & I hope you feel better. Good Luck...

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I seriously doubt that a common cold will affect your growth. Your doctor should have made that abundantly clear to put you at ease.


Perhaps running a high fever for several days would be deleterious but even then I think as long as they were healthy going in and have not had their blood supply cut off somehow then they should grow.

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Welcome to our forum community and congratulations on your recent hair transplant.


I feel quite confident that a cold or even the flu won't be of any detriment to your transplanted hair. That said, take care of yourself and drink plenty of fluids so you get better quickly :-)


Happy growing,



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