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Unusual men balding pattern - is this DUPA? (photos)


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Hi there


I'm 27 years old and I always had thin hair. At 16, people were already mentioning my hair was very thin and it looked like I was going to be bald soon. As you might imagine, this is not very reassuring at such age, and since early my hair has been a big concern to me.


Since I played guitar in a rock band during my high school phase, I started using my hair long, which helped concealing the hair loss.


At 18 I started taking propecia, and I have been on 1,25mg/day since then. In the beginning my hair was thin, and the thinning has always slowly progressed. Propecia didn't make me regrow any hair, but it probably slowed down the loss. In my family, my uncle had premature MPB, as well as a 1st degree cousin.


As to my balding pattern, I actually find it is quite unusual. Even though it's thinner, I still have my full hair line, and temple points, but my hair is incredibly thin everywhere, specially on top and sides. You can easily see a lot of my scalp on my sides if I'm not using concealers. It looks like female pattern baldness, and I don't know if this is common in men, but I think not.



What do you think? Is it good old MPB or anything else? Diffuse unpatterned alopecia?





















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It sure looks like diffuse unpatterned to me personally. You definitely have very fine hair, regardless, but it does look suspiciously thin all over. I think you're doing the right thing getting on meds, though you were quite young when you started finasteride. Personally, I would consult with a recommended physician and probably ask about adding minoxidil (rogaine) to the mix, and see what type of candidate you are for a transplant. You could also consult with a dermatologist first to get a definite diagnosis on your loss. Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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All opinions are my own and my advice does not constitute as medical advice. All medical questions and concerns should be addressed by a personal physician.

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Personally, I'd go and see a very good dermatologist or transplant clinic, giving the fact the hair is thinning all over, and most concerning to me is that you have a balding strip going down the back of your head right to the neck (unless I'm seeing the last image wrong?). I wouldn't rule out other causes such as Alopecia Areata, which can cause bald patching and/or diffused thinning on all areas of the scalp. It could really be anything, and as you said - the loss seems unusual.

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DUPA (diffuse unpatterned alopecia) is more prominent in women but can affect men too. To learn more about DUPA visit "What is DUPA hair loss and What Signs Should I Look For".


See also "Diffuse Thinning, Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA) and Hair Transplants"


From the photos you presented, it does appear that you may have DUPA. Like Maxxy and Future_HT_Doc, my recommendation is to consult dermatologist or quality hair restoration physician for an evaluation. Propecia is probably at least helping to slow down further thinning and hair loss. You may want to consider adding Rogaine (minoxidil) to your regime to see if that has any positive effect. These two hair loss treatments may help slow down, stop, or reverse some miniaturization throughout the balding/thinning scalp.


All the best in treating your hair loss,



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Thanks for your input so far.


I don't have any bald patches. In the photo with the back of my head I have parted the hair to the sides, so that you could see the thinning.



Right now, and taking in account answers from other places outside this forum, there are people telling me to immediatly go to a doctor and get checked, and other say that this is simple diffuse thinning (DUPA).



Even if it would be caused by any medical reason, would my hair loss be totally reversable? I'm currently thinking of getting a hair piece, I've endured for so long with meds and concealers, I don't know if I want to keep going this route for much more time.



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