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couple of questions about dr. lorenze

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- does anyone know if dr. Lorenzo is still in the UK or is he back in by now Spain?

is it possible to travel to either one of the Places and have a Consult with in a couple of month, even if i am, at that time, only about 8 month post op from my hairtransplant from another doctor?


what i would like to know is if he could fill in those Places that was not filled in in my transplant and also maybe if my result ends up bad he could correct that to.


i heard he has a long waiting list so if i can have a Consult maybe in november when im 7-8 month post op, and then maybe surgery in april next year when i am 1 year post op.


can anyone wo had surery with him also confirm that it is possible to be financed by him, so i could pay some of the Money in small portions afterwards

(i dont think i can save that much up before april, and he has i pretty higher Price than the one i went with)


at the moment im not to optimistic about my process, even though i know 4 month is still very early, the thin areas that wasn't filled will not improve before i get another HT.


sorry if im a Little unclear, im just depressed at the moment.

this hair loss is making me Down, about 6 month ago i though that by this time i would start felling happier and happier day by day, but it's just the oppisit :-(

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