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Hey sarnie


Please don't go to dr may or the wimpole clinic , if you search this site they is a few mentions , but nothing good and if you search several UK based sites you will find many scare stories and poor results , with repair patients going across to the states to have work repaired .


Please research as much as you can and you will find that the most consistant and impressive results are in north america and canada , travelling is not as difficult as you think bud , so don't let it influence your desision .


My name is richie and I'm from the UK , after 2 years research , and two less than impressive consultations in the UK , I went to see Dr Feller in New York , below is a link to my 15 month progress




I hope this helps



2100 crown grafts

Dr Feller

nov 2007

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I have to agree with the above . Do not risk becoming a repair case !!!

Get on a plane go to the USA , speak to a guy called spex on here really helpfull .

A guy called malcolm mendelsohn used to be a rep for Dr May research the forums stay away from any surgery in the UK , You have a great opportunity for a fantastic result . its got to be the USA get it right first time !

Take Care


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